About Us

About Us

We at Maven try our best to make students enjoy Art to its fullest, we celebrate with them, push them to their fullest potentials, most of all Art is where there is no age bar, nor any sort of hierarchy, people just come together and enjoy.

Maven’s technique & process of taking concepts into a student’s heart and mind is something that made us stand out. Each one in our team has their unique approach to various mediums of Art, yet a holistic outlook towards teaching and that would be the only reason their ours.

Recurring reviews for both students and teachers help maintain our standards as well as to promote an individual to next level or to identify flaws, in the ability of the student’s understanding. In addition, we at Maven understand that just teaching isn’t sufficient rather we open up a platform for them to showcase what they have, to the society.

Students outpace their personal best, “it’s a tradition of an evolving finesse” for them at Maven, that has always been our mission.

Our Team