Hey there,
Mary Venmathi here, it’s been 12 years ever since I realized the need to open up people to Art and make people understand the role of Art in their lives. Committing oneself to Art, kindles a new perspective over every little thing around, it lets an individual discover a new inner self that connects deep down to their heart and soul. And at the same time I knew I need to serve every individual in their own skin, hence Maven..

Maven delivers a holistic way of teaching, getting into every detail of the art that genuinely provokes and brings out the capability of every individual, this rightly portrays the creator herself and hence derived from her name, MAVEN
Here we believe rather than to just put an individual through teaching, opening them up to a platform that showcases their works to the society of their own tribe, artists, common man & more, is going to bring them up 10 Folds. As a result, “நேர்த்தியின் மரபு” (Nerthiyin marabu) plays an important role in each of our student’s period at Maven. Every student who walks in will be given the encouragement to bring out her/his emotions in their own ways, whether it’s a 4 year old or an 80 year old. So, Ask yourself if u need to see Life through Art, that undoubtingly refines the quality of life.

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